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South Kohala

The Full Story

The South Kohala region of the Big Island of Hawaii is home to a breathtaking array of sandy beaches, nestled amidst stretches of jagged lava coast. The area is characterized by its arid climate, with less than 10 inches of annual rainfall, and cloudless skies for much of the year. This makes it an ideal spot for luxury resorts and condominiums, many of which take advantage of the numerous beach parks in the area, such as Hapuna State Beach Park. This family-friendly beach boasts seemingly endless stretches of white sand and crystal-clear waters. In contrast to the desert-like coastline, the hills of South Kohala are dotted with large cattle ranches and verdant pastures. The charming paniolo town of Waimea, situated at the base of the Kohala mountains, is a peaceful haven where residents enjoy the laid-back country lifestyle. Rodeos and other community events are a common occurrence in Waimea, where a friendly smile and down-to-earth attitude are highly valued.

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