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North & South Hilo

The Full Story

The tropical landscape of North Hilo is characterized by flowing streams and cascading waterfalls. The residents of Laupahoehoe and Ninole lead a peaceful, simple life in the countryside. North Hilo was once a major player in the sugarcane industry, and the deep, rich soil in the area is a result of ancient lava flows. Over time, nature has sculpted the land with wind and water, creating a unique and ancient landscape filled with tropical foliage and waterways.

Similarly, South Hilo boasts rich soil and impressive waterfalls. The coastline is adorned with natural beauty and is home to UH Hilo, Rainbow Falls, and the city of Hilo. As the second largest city in Hawaii, Hilo continues to thrive with new businesses occupying older buildings in the downtown area. The city is steeped in culture and history, and its beauty is undeniable, particularly at Hilo Bayfront on a clear day. Coconut Island, along with its charming boutiques, markets, and restaurants, adds to Hilo's appeal and makes it a destination like no other.

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